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Editor, Ayni (post production)

Directed by Nino DelGiudice

Feature-doc about parents of children on the Autism spectrum

who head to Peru to embrace Shamanism, San Pedro & Ayahuasca

Editor, Forgotten Allies (2019)

Produced by Grammar Films

Historical documentary following three Brits searching for

Burmese War Veterans who served alongside the British in WWII

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"10/10. A magnificent and epic documentary of historic proportions.. This is the audience's own film, and that is the highest form of filmmaking."   Read review
"A brilliant film"  The Guardian
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Another News Story Film Poster

Editor, Another News Story (2018)

Directed by Orban Wallace

Award-winning feature-doc on the refugee crisis in Europe in 2015 and the

news swarm that covered it

Shortlisted for Best Film at The Grierson Awards, 2018

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Editor, BASE (2017)

Directed by Richard Parry

Starring Alexander Polli & Julie Dray

Only two kinds of people step off a cliff - those that want to die

and those that want to live.

Winner Best Film at the DMFF Awards

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Base The Movie Poster
"There’s nothing else like it. No other movie hits an audience with the sheer exuberance, thrill and danger of real proximity flight and the raw drama of a life lived truly on the edge."
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"Phenomenally exciting to watch"  Jonathan Ross
Monsters 2 Movie Poster

Additional Editing, Monsters 2; Dark Continent (2015)

Directed by Tom Green

Starring Johnny Harris

Sequel to Gareth Edwards’ cult feature Monsters (2010)

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Additional Editing, Walking On Sunshine (2014)

Directed by Max and Dania

Starring Hannah Arteton & Leona Lewis

Family feel good 80s musical

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Walking On Sunshine Movie Poster
​"The Facility is tense, violent and brutally finished off.. expertly ramps up tension with a series of tight close-ups and measured, lingering cuts"   Read review
The Facility Movie Poster

Editor, The Facility (2012)

Directed by Ian Clark

Starring Steve Evets, Aneurin Barnard & Alex Reid

Sci-fi horror film distributed in the US by Robert De Niro’s Tribeca Films

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Assistant Editor, Hammer of the Gods (2013)

Directed by Farren Blackburn

Starring Charlie Bewley & James Cosmo

A Viking action film

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Hammer Of The Gods Movie Poster
Allstars Movie Poster

Assistant Editor, Allstars (2013)

Directed by Ben Gregor

Starring Theo Stevenson, Akai & Ashley Jenson

Feel-good family movie

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Assistant Editor, The Sweeney (2012)

Directed by Nick Love

Starring Ray Winstone & Ben Drew

Movie adaptation of 70s' TV cult series

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The Sweeney Movie Poster
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